“The reality is continuously expanding!”- Monica Jain

As a gallery, Art Centrix Space’s expansion is about how realities expand and become real. Established in 2014, Art Centrix Space is the voice of contemporary artistic thought, reflective of the vision, understanding and aesthetic sensibilities of the Indian subcontinent. It is a visual testimony to the timeless interplay of imagination, imagery and transformative visual experiences.

The physical expansion of the gallery space is another milestone in our commitment to provide the urgent stimulus needed for artistic and curatorial practices. It will give a larger platform for collaborative exhibition-making in New Delhi which is the hub for Indian contemporary art. The vision of supporting and nurturing young and mid career artist - the best art from our region, has been an integral part of Art Centrix Space. The expansion of the gallery space highlights the physicality and monumentality of Indian art today which should be showcased as is. As the Director of Art Centrix Space, Ms. Monica Jain says -the expanded vision of Art Centrix Space is to work towards the development of South-Asian artistic practices through exchanges, programs and curatorial interventions, to generate larger associations, visibility and viewership while broadening the territory of Indian contemporary art.

As she says- We are opening the doors of the new space with a new hope for humanity.The online model of working gave us an opportunity to understand both the digital and physical space for the exhibitions while providing time to construct the new space. Above all, it once again reiterated and strengthened our core belief in the value of relationships and human need for social interaction.

For Ms. Jain, the expansion of the space also symbolises different meanings around the idea of beauty, their values, their needs and the subjectivities. In many ways, architecturally, the expanded space celebrates the idea of beauty through multiple standpoints. Beauty in the aftermath of the events, beauty and their singularities in the forms of collective consciousness, as well as beauty in the histories, traces and intangible lived experiences.

As the strength of the gallery has been its outdoors and indoors, and the magic of their interplays enhanced the past exhibitions and has made the exhibitions immensely experiential in many ways. It is also a continuation and a rich example of the co- existence of nature and architecture; interior and exterior; past, present and imagined future.

Our new logo represents tradition and modernity, abstract and real, artist and art space in a continuum rather than as binaries. It symbolises both figurative and visual synergy where individual voices of the artists i.e. the mind-space find expression in the physical space of our gallery where art, community, and nature coalesce. Their dialogue and interaction is captured by this form that is timeless and eternal. The unifying graphic language of circles and space speaks of the continuous evolution of

art in the ripple of time. The colour taupe has been chosen for its aura of sublimity, sophistication and solidity. A contemporary colour, it retains the quality and feel of a world not limited by time.

As patrons to the Kochi-Muziris Biennale since 2018, we provide stimulus to artists in finding their voice. We support and showcase art that is at once sensory, perceptive, contemporary and intellectual to propel localised artistic concerns towards a global platform. We are committed to investing in our artists for the long term based on shared values and trust to create internationally recognised contemporary Indian narrative for both artists and collectors to cherish equally. We’ve enthralled and evolved - not only have our artists been recognised at Indian and international platforms in Australia, Germany, Italy and the UK, their work has also been seen and supported by young and veteran art collectors in India, USA, Netherlands, UK and Singapore, among others.


Monica Jain is the Curator-Director of Art Centrix Space. The essence of the gallery is reflected in the way she engages with art, with people and with the way she explores the world. Her seeking spirit explores ideas as diverse as mathematics, quantum physics, culture and mythology through the shows she curates to make every exhibition and experience at Art Centrix Space, extraordinary.

She has always believed that work must be supported by specialised training in the field. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from College of Art, New Delhi and a Master of Arts in Art History from the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. As an artist, She has also trained under renowned sculptor KS Radhakrishnan to work in wax and bronze and loves the spontaneity of watercolours. Being always hands-on has helped her tremendously in understanding the nuances in her field of work. She is committed to upholding the family legacy of 60 years of supporting the arts. The Sanskriti Foundation and Anandagram in New Delhi are both spearheaded by her uncle, Padmashree OP Jain, former convener or INTACH who even at the age of 93, continues to support art and run his own museums in Delhi.

Monica is intuitively drawn to the power of organising art, to seeing spaces and knowing exactly how art would fit into it; thereby giving her a unique advantage in both residential and public art projects she undertakes.

Connection and trust are of paramount importance to her. She says, "Being in this field compels me to think and to dig below the surface. I believe art reveals the soul which can then lead to forging very beautiful human relationships. Good human relationships are my first principle; in every conversation of mine whether it is with our artists, curators with whom we are looking to collaborate, or collectors, I just have this to say- if we can connect and engage at the same level and trust each other as human beings, then the business of art will happen happily.’