Substrata | Layers of the past

15, Dec 2018 to 25, Jan 2019
Exploring abstraction through layers of the past, this show draws an analogy between the layers of paint on a canvas with the sediments of time that makes up our earth. The final surface built up over time is what we see, whether its the surface of the canvas or the surface on which we walk on today. Not restricted to ‘abstract’ forms, the show will explore art interpreted as a process of growth or progression over time.
Art or a work of art represents a phenomena, a change over time such that the starting point cannot be seen or is unrecognisable even. Like the rims of time in the cross section of a tree trunk or the development of coral, each affected by the natural environment, this show will explore how the sensitivity of an artist to his surroundings is integral to the final form.
The Exhibition