Tehkhana | Custodians of Time

30, Apr 2017 to 30, May 2017
Time is a memory of fleeting moments and experiences that live on through personal stories and heirlooms. Our cultural heritage is embedded in these stories, in our grandmothers’ recipes, in traditions and words uttered by a mother to her child that she heard from her own parents. Art and memory are delicately intertwined. Both sweep us away and drop us into another time and place. From our old photographs, scrapbooks, pictures and heirlooms we recollect stories that fill us with emotion and nostalgia. These episodic memories shape the way we think and feel by absorbing from the experience of that memory.

As Custodians of Time we bring you, Tehkhana - a repository of memories, which we unravel through visual narratives - contemporary paintings, ancient artefacts and bespoke wood furniture. The first of a series as a concept, it will also discover the Tehkhana of your own homes upon request, where we share, document and archive your stories creatively through art so that each subsequent generation may cherish, add to and pass on this legacy. The concept of the show basically revolves around valuing ancient heirlooms and creating new ones by giving personal stories & memories in the concrete form of art. The curator asks here to give us a story and we ask artists to freeze it for hundreds more years to come by visual narratives.