Con Tempus | With Time | Curated by Monica Jain

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The modus vivendi today is to be - con tempus, that is, to be with time. Art and life unfolding as is.

It is a time like never before - everyone is trying so desperately to ‘stay tuned in’, when if you don’t know what occurred a nanosecond ago you’re out of synch, zoned out or outdated; when knowing what is going on is not an option but a matter of survival. Because the past is here as is the future, we mark the 5th anniversary of our gallery since its inception by looking at art today through the works of the ‘present’ generation of artists and bringing our focus to the idea of being, living and working in this current time.

Even as individualism asserts itself through social media, more that ever that very existence is dictated by it. This existential space then is really a relational space manifested or vyakta through a contemporaneity wherein time is embraced and transcended, expressed and experienced affectively. Because we are all objects in time and space of others and aware of this otherness, a direct instantaneous exchange results in a universal stock of art and imagery that is constantly updated in the right- here-right-now. A testimony to the contemporaneity of artists and their art is this awareness of one another in space. While working in the current time, they evaluate their role in the larger global movement of art summing up what it means to be ‘contemporary’ as well as co-contemporaries of other working artists. Theirs is an individualism at once bridled and strengthened by a hyper-connectedness making the zeitgeist or spirit of our times one of utter paradox in its profound integration until we perceive the past-present-future; the been, being and becoming - as one.
The Exhibition