Interiorities of Individual Entities

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Curated by Monica Jain, coinciding with the Delhi Art week

Animesh Mahata | Manish Sharma | Nityananda Ojha | Puja Mondal | Tehmeena Firdos | Tom Vattakuzhy

‘Interiorities of Individual Entities’, as a philosophical construct, proposes an artistic approach to interiority, while foregrounding subjectivity through reflection, imagination and affectedness. The central idea of the exhibition is to incorporate light as an experience and its relationship around the idea of self, events, and synchronicity. This curatorial proposition is not limited to visibilities and singularities rather, it employs them to create a layered space to access the ‘associated invisibilities’.

To search for “epiphanous moments of insight” into light as Zajnoc urges, we must attempt to break through conceptual abstractions and return to the lived experiences. In addition to this; figuratively, anthropologically, and socio-politically the attempt of this exhibition is to bring different levels of luminosity as a conceptual tool to create a space for ‘lived abstractions’. In this process, this exhibition searches for new meanings of connectedness and their scalability generated by artistic practices. The challenge is to open a new common ground through paradoxes and illuminations whether through the use of technology or through painterly interventions.
Conceptually the larger question this exhibition raises is one of addressing different levels of inclusivity and how it can be understood through the phenomenon of light. What would then darkness be if there is a new light?

‘Interiorities of Individual Entities’, is as much almost an aberration as an intent to create a larger symbolic meaning, to be shaped, shared and accessed. It attempts to multiply and create frameworks around visibility in order to understand interior, interiority and the internalization.
The Exhibition