Our Line in the Sand

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The curatorial premise -BRINK, primarily foregrounds the idea of the artist being a harbinger of change - one who is painfully aware that life has presented an unprecedented opportunity for the world to come together with an urgency in order to achieve something that has been never possible singularly so far. The title, Brink generates a sense of being at the edge of something powerful, a tenuous situation wherein, a reimagining and revaluation of actions and practices is not only imperative but also critical.This conceptual proposition reveals how little one comprehends the human system where the artist, as both seer and philosopher, creates, if you will, visual prophesies to generate a collective consciousness wherein a stillness can be achieved and the urgency dissolved. 

The central idea of this project is to showcase a moment of Brink, where the unconscious can bring out di erent states of mind through aesthetics and artistic practices. From both the curatorial and philosophical perspective, this exhibition talks about the meaning of events with a sense of something inevitable that is about to happen. But can it be controlled? If yes, can such interventions generate a paradigm shift both historically and psychologically? With such questions, this philosophical proposition highlights the signi cance of getting a powerful grip on the present for the immediate future. 

In this way, the artistic contributions and strategic choices hope to create a space to demarcate a sense of connectedness with seemingly unrelated experiences as being meaningfully intertwined. Between landscapes and inner-scapes; between patterns, repetitions and constructed homogeneousness, the challenge will be to navigate methodologies through paradoxes. The larger purpose of this curatorial premise is to create a sense of harmony within binaries despite the pauses, gaps, reversals and paradoxes between them. 

-Monica Jain Curator 

The Exhibition