The Circle of Life

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The Circle of Life project brings a new interdisciplinary approach to contemporary artists living in India. The curatorial concept brings together a wide spectrum of artistic work from India, across many regions. It displays the richness of the work for the first time, combining a broad range of artistic genres, including film, painting, drawing, installation, photography, mixed media, and sculpture. 

The multiplicity of novel ideas reinforce the wealth of artistic talent, creating works that are not just breath-taking and aesthetically compelling, but also expressive through their creative message, touching the human heart. The artists aim to raise awareness through their emblematic ideas to issues of concern - particularly, those pertaining to health and wellbeing, compassion, and the power of art through healing to humanity. Their creations will mirror sensations that resemble human touch and subsequently, their work returns through their life cycle, symbolising the circle of life. 

The curatorial premise investigates the current issues around Covid-19 and how artists have navigated their creativity during these unprecedented times. India is a portmanteau where the broad range of artists' interdisciplinary practice is aligned for the first time. The theme embeds cultural relationships between artists, influences, affinities, and creative negotiations throughout this time.  Furthermore, Circle of Life offers a glimpse into how artists living through the pandemic have continued to practise through the prism of their creative mind. It offers an alternative creative platform to reinvestigate their artistic collective lifestyle. How can we share new visual narratives, bringing differing creative visions embracing creativity for everyone to view and enjoy? More so, how can artists make art accessible for wider audiences? The Circle of Life investigates a new paradigm of creativity that celebrates creativity and artistic solidarity. It shall reinforce the commonality of how artists relate to each other, their communities and the binaries of cultural representation. In other words, art transforms culture, and life and the unity of ‘Ying and Yang’ prevails.

The Exhibition