The River Flowing Through Me- Solo Show KP Pradeepkumar

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“There is a deep connection with nature and a sense of spiritual affinity, along with its contemplation of the visual image of earthly nature and its consciousness, reverberate with me. In a mode of cognitive reaction, the concept of a divine universe, and non-dualism all converge in  subject matter to create a unique perspective. The ability to perceive nature as a living entity reflects a profound understanding in every creative process. The visual which transcends the earthly dimension of nature to view it as a living entity. It is a spiritual experience in life that shaped me into an aesopian tendency with a mission for visual introspection.The creation of art stems from the profound consciousness within, which turns a spectator into a creator. The creator sees himself as a manifestation of the divine will, not just for himself, but for anyone who comprehends the essence of an artist's creation, as an inherent trait. It is  universal.

KP Pradeepkumar

The Exhibition