Matrix -succinct ecosystems of thought

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The idea of this experimental exhibition: ‘MATRIX’, conceived by our gallery, Art Centrix Space, aims to bring different practitioners from the domain of art and inter-disciplinary practices. The program thus manifested has been materialised through a sense of care, nurture and support with the hope to generate a space for artistic motivation. It embodies artist pluralism, that is not burdened by political and regional constraints. Art Centrix Space at its core to incubate, acting as a cultivating fertile ground to encourage diverse artistic practices thrive, resulting in multitude of perspectives, unrestricted possibilities and forging an harmonious artistic ecosystem. Through this exhibition, we have tried to grant the artists the ability to overcome the challenges and the freedom to liberate themselves to unshackle their creativity and innovation potentials. Experience the concept of ‘boundlessness’, celebrated through diversity in mediums and practices. Spanning across geographical locations and cultural backgrounds, the artists’ showcases unconfined creativity. MATRIX, thus, is not just a selection and presentation of artworks, rather it is a symphony of perspectives, coming together to create an ecosystem of artistic ideas, nurturing and amplifying vernacular expressions of various artistic practices, weaving the tapestry of thoughts, ideas and personal narratives traversing the idea of visual expression. Each work of art showcases the journey, both literal and conceptual, embodying the aesthetic values, unconfined in the conventional norms. The dynamic concept and practice challenges the status quo, supporting the artists to extend their reach. Recognizing the vital role that personal histories, cultural heritage, and communal experiences play in shaping artistic vision, facilitating a space where dialogue, empathy, and understanding intersect, fostering the succinct and visual articulation of profound thoughts, ideas, and narratives. Through multiple engagements, the attempt of this exhibition is to trigger dialogues and subsequent artistic productions by conceptualizing various forms of conversations, walkthroughs, dialogues, and curatorial interventions at different levels. We are committed to act as convene to exchange ideas, collaborate and extend their boundaries of creativity. In this sense, the exhibition aims to generate support structures and modules for both artists and curators, through which different layers of imaginations, criticality and a sense of individuality in togetherness can be produced and instumentalised. The exhibition invites to contemplate, and experience the multi-dimensional angles of artistic expressions. As one navigates through the exhibition, they discover the various barriers and challenges faced by the artist in their artistic journey, overcoming them while also supporting their community actively leading to a ‘matrix’ of possibilities.
The Exhibition